Our Cause

We were inspired to donate hotwheels, small toy cars, to children in refugee shelters.

Hotwheels for Hope 

100% of proceeds will go to charity

We are doing this project because we were inspired to help others who are in need. So we are gathering Hot Wheels, small toy cars, and will send them to refugee camps all over the world. All of the money that we get through donations and bake and garage-sales will all go toward buying new Hot Wheels for the already growing collection. We hope to gather over 700 Hot Wheels before the year is over.

We named the project “Hot Wheels for Hope” because we want to give the children living in refugee shelters a little hope, and also the knowledge that there are people out there in the world who are thinking of them.

We hope that you will donate to our cause. We will remember all of the people that helped this project along.